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Problems Accessing your Photos

Hello! Thank you for using our service!

Most digital download issues can be resolved by ensuring that you are inputting the photo-code the correct way. 

The photocode will look similar to this: NGBY-121121-XYZ

If you have a photocode that looks something like NGBY-121121-XYZ-0452, then that this is a code for a specific individual photograph and will result in an error message being displayed. Please ignore the numbers after the last - as they are not necessary.

The photo code includes all DASHES and they must be input in order for the code to work.

If you have verified that you are inputting the code the correct way and are still experiencing problems, please create a support ticket by clicking on the SUBMIT TICKET link at the top right of this page and selecting the event or location that you had your photos taken.

One of our support agents will respond to you within 24 hours of your submission. 

Thank you!